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challenging one’s physical and mental edges, Endorphins and all the other benefits of working out are just so damn good for the mind, body and soul!

Why I feel strongly about the connection of fitness & body positivity.

As a fitness professional, and an advocate for body positivity, my intention is to create a safe space for health- on every level. A space free of judgement, comparison and self-hatred. 


 My intention for my students/clients is to up-level their physical, mental and emotional health. Let's be honest: heart health is not just physical, it's mental and emotional as well. We get physically, mentally and emotionally stronger and more resilient when we push our personal edges. 

I believe, and have found for myself, that working out in a positive, supportive environment can completely change a person’s relationship with their self and the world around them. The goal I set for myself is to make sure that my students feel stronger and healthier on all levels when they leave my classes.


My educational background includes studies in Exercise and Wellness/Pre-Med from Arizona State University and Health Psychology from Bastyr University. I am also a Certified Practitioner of Structural Integration “Rolfing.” 

I am a Certified Lagree Fitness Instructor. From my first class, I knew the time under tension, body mechanics and alignment of Lagree Fitness perfectly complemented my other specialties. After seeing the way my body changed from Lagree Fitness (booty, booty, booty and defined abs), I felt intrinsically more aware, and stronger in my core, than ever. I knew then that becoming an instructor was the next step in my journey. I directly trained to teach with Sebastien Lagree in Los Angeles. I quickly learned that I love to educate on alignment and assist people to push to their physical, mental, and fitness edges. I also love a good playlist - it just makes everything better!

In my classes you will experience challenging, systematic routines geared toward strength, alignment and mobility. Body positivity, resilience and up-leveling yourself are what I preach during my classes. And booty...lots of good booty work. Hip-Hop is my signature playlist. Any fitness level or body type is welcome and safe in my class.

You can find me teaching group classes or private lessons at Pilates Platinum in Los Angeles (Santa Monica, Brentwood, Venice and Hollywood). During Quarantine you can find my Lagree-inspired Mat classes online- email me for more info

Challenging one’s physical and mental edges, endorphins and all the other benefits of working out are just so damn good for the mind, body and soul!

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