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Structural Integration "Rolfing" 

If you can imagine how it feels to have a fluid, light, balanced body, free of pain, stiffness, and chronic stress, at ease with itself and the Earth’s gravitational field, then you will understand the goal of Structural Integration.


Structural Integration "Rolfing" is a process of re-educating the body through movement and touch. It systematically releases patterns of stress and impaired function. The primary focus of Structural Integration is facilitating the relationship between gravity and the human body. 

Over time, and from use, connective tissue/fascia in the body becomes thickened, tightened and toughened and can feel like knots, ropes and cement in the body (not fun). By lengthening, opening and realigning the patterns in the fascia it becomes soft, layered, fluid and more pliable, thus allowing movement and flexibility (imagine the flexibility and mobility of a baby vs. an adult— this is the feeling of open and layered vs. cemented and bound/restricted). By returning the body to its vertical and horizontal lines (“stacking its blocks”) higher functioning and performance can be restored and increased.

Structural Integration "Rolfing" changes the body’s holding patterns because it organizes and aligns the imbalances in the fascia. The systematic approach to relating gravity through the fascial layers (the “recipe”/ten series) aligns the body and improves posture. The body lengthens allowing muscles the space to work and joints the freedom to function. As well as balances and aligns the entire system for higher functioning (less pain and discomfort, more ease and mobility).

During the Structural Integration “Rolfing” ten-series, each session builds upon the next with the goals of layering the tissue, breaking down old patterns and integrating new, more aligned patterns into the system.


Jake, ex-Pro Wrestler &

Best Selling Author

Having experimented with several non-invasive relief modalities (from chiropractic to massage to yoga to CBD) none have worked as fast and as reliably as getting worked on by DeNae. Highly recommended!

Jeff Friedl, Professional drummer 

Because of the demands of my profession I’m constantly seeking different ways to keep myself at my highest functioning. After working with DeNae I noticed significant changes in how I was feeling. She truly has a special healing intuition that can’t be taught

Defne, Licensed Psychotherapist, Therapy in Moment

“As a psychotherapist specializing in body-mind connection, I always keep DeNae’s name in my resources for my clients and friends. She works with great sensitivity on the body, gently integrating it with one’s emotions and thoughts through her intuition, experience and wisdom.

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