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DeNae D'Auria

I transformed to transform

Before attending the Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, CO and Kauai, HI, I studied Exercise Science/Pre-Med at Arizona State University. From ASU, I continued my education in Health Psychology at Bastyr University (Naturopathic Medical School) in Seattle, Washington. At Bastyr, I took every elective I could possibly get my hands on—ranging from Nutrition, to Chinese Medicine, to Naturopathic based classes, to Shamanism, to energy medicine, to traditional and non-traditional Psychology classes. And, my education hasn’t stopped there (or yet)— in the past few years I have also expanded into Family Systems and Constellation work and Non-Violent Communication, and now facilitate and teach both. I am also a certified Lagree Fitness professional and teach at Pilates Platinum in LA. The common theme in my education and professional career being alignment/connection and best Self.


When I am practicing Structural Integration “Rolfing,” I am following the traditional ten series and holding space for a deeper healing for my clients— I’m ready to meet them where they are at in their own personal process and development— whether it’s recovering from physical injury, increasing physical performance, recovering from emotional/physical/sexual trauma, etc. I am not a doctor or a therapist and I refer out to licensed therapists and medical professionals as needed. But, my educational background allows me to hold space for most anything that may arise for my clients— Structural Integration can sometimes be a purely physical experience, but it can also sometimes be a method for traumas and other emotional holdings to free themselves as well.

I continue my education largely to make sure I am doing my own Self work and to stay in integrity with the work that I do (aka practice what I preach). But, I also continue my education because I truly love being a resource and having tools to assist and empower my clients to thrive and heal in their owns lives.

One of my favorite parts of my job is being a witness to, and facilitator of, change; change in the body, change in the mind, change in the be-ing. To me it’s awe-mazing watching a person stand in their feet— and therefore their self— differently. Or having ease in their body for the first time in a long time. Or letting go of trauma. Or sharing with me their success stories after performing better at something they love.

I honor, celebrate, support and create space for those who are ready to invest in change— when a person is on my table, they are choosing change. Change not only to be and feel better in their body, but also in their whole self.

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