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The Basic "Recipe"

The overall goal of the ten series is to “stack the blocks” of the body— to align a person to their vertical and horizontal lines easing the forces of gravity on the system allowing the body to work more efficiently. Meaning increased mobility, health, performance and posture. 


the layering 

 Opens the vital capacity (the breath) and creates more space and ease for the upper body (shoulders, neck, upper back, arms— typical tension areas). It also addresses the hips and IT bands creating more space and mobility for the hips (another common “problem area” of the body). The 1st hour is a “layering” session meaning it addresses the more superficial layers of the body creating space for the deeper hours to come. 


Foundation connection 

 Creates a more stable and connected foundation for the body thru the feet and lower legs so the “blocks” of the body have a steady and grounded foundation on which to get "stacked" in the next sessions.


lateral line


 Opens the outside line (lateral line) of the body; it puts the front on the front and the back on the back. This assists a sense of uprightness in the system and further opens the “shell” of the body and hips prepping for the deeper pelvic work and "stacking of the blocks" to come.





The 4/5/6th hours are the “deepest” sessions. They address the pelvis from all angles— the inside line (medial), the front (posterior) and the back (anterior). The goal of these sessions is to create a neutral (without lordosis or kyphosis), breathable (“alive”) pelvis. 


crown alignment

After a foundation for the body (the feet) has been created (2nd hour) and the lateral, medial, anterior and posterior angles of the pelvis have been given more alignment and foundation (3/4/5/6th hours), the head can then be “put on.” The 7th hour places the head in a position so it is more balanced and stacked over the spine in gravity. This helps to create a sense of expansiveness and uprightedness thru the crown of the head. 




upper & lower

 Depending on the individual body, Session 8 will either be a lower or upper body session followed by Session 9 being whichever Session 8 wasn’t. These integration sessions further the stacking of the blocks and re-pattern the body into better alignment and ease with gravity. 


From the earth to the heavens

The tenth hour is an upper and lower body integration session (think infinity symbol thru the body). The end goal is to further align the body to the vertical and horizontal lines creating a sense of securely being on the feet while the blocks of the body effortlessly stack thru the top of the crown; stability and expansiveness from the earth to the heavens. 

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